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At Hedlund Corp. we strive to be the best rather than the biggest.  Since 1982 we have completed search engagements for the Fortune 1000 and top tier consulting firms in all industry sectors.  We are consultative rather than transactional and executional rather than sales-based.We develop productive, long-term, and strategic relationships with our clients. We take special care in  understanding recruitment goals, position specifications, hiring processes and company culture. Working with a variety of professional services firms and corporations gives us a unique perspective on adapting to changing needs.

Once we understand your requirements, we will provide perspective on the demand for and availability of appropriate candidates. We will also predict how effective we will be in meeting your expectations.

Our objective is to match highly qualified professionals to your specifications. We will present targeted candidates that have been interviewed and evaluated according to your guidelines. Throughout the interview process, we will facilitate open lines of communication. We will assist on expediting the interview process and provide important feedback through the offer and acceptance stages.

We are currently offering    FREE EXECUTIVE SEARCH   to a select number of clients. Our fee will be paid by the candidate.  In addition to saving thousands of dollars on search fees; this approach will eliminate anxiety about guarantee periods, replacements and refunds. Also, candidates hired through us will be more motivated to succeed because they have an investment at stake. 

This is the first time in thirty years that we have made this offer; due to the current economic situation. By changing the search paradigm, this becomes a win-win situation for everyone.  THE CLIENT WILL HAVE ZERO COST AND NO RISK! The candidates will win by finding employment that matches their requirements.

Please contact Dave Hedlund today to discuss at dh@hedlundcorp.com  or (312) 755-1400.

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